Staff Transport Shuttles in Leicestershire/Warwickshire/Northamptonshire

What are the benefits of providing a staff transportation to work scheme or staff shuttle services for your employees?
✅ Staff arrive safely, stress-free and on time for their shift.
✅ Staff are not reliant upon scheduled bus services.
✅ Increased productivity.
✅ Allows businesses to respond quickly to increased and fluctuating demands in staffing levels.
✅ Saves on the costs of car-parking spaces.
✅ Reduces Co2 emissions.
✅ Helps your business meet your sustainability targets.
✅ Eases congestion of surrounding towns and villages at busy shift changes.
We are ideally located to serve Magna Park, Lutterworth, DIRFT Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal, Prologis Park, Hinckley and Hinckley Park.
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